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14th September 2010


£5 for one show or see all 3 (on one night) for £10.


Some things are just too good to miss! This week we present the shows that intrigued, attracted and inspired our Hoxton Select panel.  See them while they are still being devised, three shows in one night, short and sweet, innovative and fresh interpretations of Urbanism. 


Tuesday 14 Sept

8pm – Rachel Birch-Lawson/Project Mashed Potato


Choreography: Rachel Birch-Lawson in collaboration with Khyle Eccles

Performers: Rachel Birch-Lawson and Khyle Eccles

Sound: Jack James 

This duet explores interdependence and need, resistance and accommodation: the fine line between aggression and tenderness. Squashing, pressing, moulding each other’s bodies to make room for our own, individuals slowly being erased, assimilated into one entity. Who are we in relation to each other? Where does ‘I’ end and ‘We’ begin? Who do you think the person beside you thinks that you are?


Rachel is a freelance choreographer, performer, and teacher. Trained at London Contemporary Dance School, she has choreographed and/or performed with companies including Marie-Gabrielle Rotie, Cie Willi Dorner (Dance Umbrella 2009), Einav Eshel, boXd productions, award-winnng Made By Katie Green, award-winning Tangled Feet, Caroline Salem/Moving Architecture, Opera a la Carte, Usanu Theatre, Kush Dance, Youth Music Theatre (Luca Silvestrini), Thames Festival, and Royal Opera Company. She is co-director of Project Mashed Potato, working closely with composer/musician Jack James to create work for performance and run inclusive improvisation jams and events. Her work has been performed in England, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, and Portugal.


8:30pm – Jonny Liron

Lay down your Arms


Lay down your Arms might be a terrifically tender encounter with violence and passionate reality.

A short solo piece in which a living person, populated with memory and the voices of others,

attempts to engage in a sensual testimony unfolding in real time. A gentle invitation to attend to 

a body, dancing many duets with the dialectic complexity of a real lived life, amongst people, 

and how to build our community...



9pm – Filskit

Snow White

Filskit Theatre is an ensemble of four performers who began working together during a period of study into visual theatre at Institute Del Teatro in Barcelona in 2008. In September 2009 the Filskit ladies graduated from the BA Hons European Theatre Arts course at Rose Bruford College, London. In June 2009, Filskit Theatre won top prize at the Rose Bruford Creative Industries Fair for the first stage of their investigation into the relationship between the physical performer and projected image. They have performed at Scenepool, Camden Peoples Theatre and the Shunt Lounge.

Through their unique blend of playful, ensemble based performance and micro projection, Filskit present a modern and visually stunning twist on this traditional fairytale. 


Mashed Potato