Learning and Accreditation

Fostering Youth Arts Learning: The Goal
Our arts participation programmes offer young people the opportunity to develop self-expression within informal learning environments. As the only dedicated youth arts centre in Hackney, we provide a platform for young people to explore creative learning outside of the classroom environment. Hoxton Hall is a registered Arts Award centre and we deliver this award, included on the National Qualifications Framework, at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels.

Our current Arts Awards projects include
Get Creative!
• GOLD Arts Award
Hoxton Street Casting

Partnering with Education Providers: The Process
In order to create these opportunities for youth engagement in formal arts learning, we partner with various educational institutions. Together with the University of the Arts and the Arts Council for England, Hoxton Hall delivers an annual programme that aims to extend participation to those young people who might not progress to further or higher education, and to widen opportunities for their creative development and artistic appreciation.  

Improving Youth Outcomes: Contact Us
 We are proud of our ability to enable young people to demonstrate their skills and commitment, and are grateful to our funders and partners who help develop our programmes. We are always looking for schools and colleges to  work in partnership with, developing opportunities for young people to engage with informal learning. We can deliver creative sessions to which could operate either in or out of curriculum time.  A performance or dance workshop, for instance, can provide novel methods of engaging and enthusing young people in   key stage curriculum targets.  To find out more please get in touch.