Art Practice Basement Development

January 3, 2018

By Frances Mayhew, Development Associate

During the summer of 2017 we launched a crowd funded campaign to raise funds to develop our basement spaces into dedicated arts’ practice spaces with a particular youth focus. The crowd funding required a summer long drive of asking for donations. We also had an opportunity to pitch for a donation from the Mayor London’s Fund. Our staff Boris, Ayo and Aaron were nominated to be our representatives and delivered a pitch that was precisely 2 minutes long at City Hall – and won £13,500 towards our £23,000 goal! We had some other very generous donations, for which we are extremely grateful, and reached our target in September. Now we are decorating the spaces and look to open them in February – soon!

What will be new?

  • A newly decorated art room, music practice room, courtyard and music recording studio.
  • New furniture in the rooms and courtyard.
  • The computers with be moved from the reading room into the art room.
  • Instalment of recording equipment into the recording studio so it functions as a recording room.
  • Instalment of software for digital art, web design, music recording and music production.
  • A youth hang out space in the basement to run even MORE programmes for youth and community!

Thank you everyone for supporting this project.  We still need further help with the development, so please get in touch with Boris if you are interested in volunteering at

020 7684 0060

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