Youth Arts End Of Term Showcase 7 December 2018

December 12, 2017

On Thursday 7 December we hosted our Youth Arts End of Term Showcase in the music hall. The evening  was a show-stopping success and a fantastic opportunity for the friends and family of all of our Youth Arts programme participants and dedicated Youth Arts Officers and Arts teachers to see the outcome of all of their hard work this Autumn term.

Our bar area was transformed into an exhibition area for the evening to display our 7 – 10 years olds 3D art work which was inspired by Hammer House of Horror Live: The Soulless Ones show hosted at Hoxton Hall in October. The exhibition featured 3D insects of all varieties, including a butterfly with a hundred eyes and a spider with no legs!

Meanwhile, our music hall was pulsating with energy all evening. The night began with a performance from our 11 – 13 years Music group, followed by our Young Dance Company (7- 10 years), our Young Dance Company (11 – 13 years) and finally the Dance Company (14 – 19 years).

The next section of the showcase starred our Young Drama Company groups. Our youngest Drama Group (7 – 10 years) performed ‘The Island’, a bukaneering adventure to a mystery isle. Our 11-13 years Drama Group performed ‘Terribly Lovely Hotel’ inspired by the overarching Hammer House of Horror Live: The Soulless Ones themes of horror and mystery. Next our oldest Drama Group (14 – 19 years) performed ‘Welcome to Hoxton Hall’, a tale exploring the ghostly past of our very own Hoxton Music Hall.

The final highlight of the evening was a performance for our in-house Band and Music Production team who brought the night to a close with a dazzling performance of their original track, ‘When I grow up’.


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