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To celebrate the restoration of Hoxton Hall in 2015, we commissioned a new brand identity and a series of original illustrations that fuse our history with a modern take. Discover how we used our archives to create these stunning new characters.

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Digging through Hoxton Hall’s archive and the history of Music Hall performers, we created a series of new illustrations that took stars of the Victorian era and gave them a modern twist.


Marie Lloyd

marie_lloydAffectionately known as the “Queen of the Music Hall” Marie Lloyd was a singer, comedian and Music Hall actress. A film of the same title was made by BBC 4 in 2007 filmed at Hoxton Hall. Marie Lloyd made sense to become the lead character for Hoxton Hall, bringing her into the 21st century rocking out some tunes on an electric guitar.


George W Walker

An African-American comedian and dancer, George W Walker came to London towards the end of the Victorian era. Most famously starring ‘In Dahomey’, a landmark musical comedy the first of its kind written and performed entirely by a black cast.


Dan Leno

Publicly known as “the King’s Jester”, Dan Leno was a famous comedian of the Victorian era. Often cross dressing for pantomime, he developed his satirical comedy scripts mixed with songs to make him the highest paid comedian at the time. In honour to his status we’ve made him our centre stage MC, announcing everything Hoxton Hall has to offer.


George Leybourne

george_leybourneOriginally a mechanic, George Leybourne gave up his career to be a star of the northern music halls, first performing in London in 1864.  Known as ‘Champagne Charlie’, dressed in the height of ‘fast’ fashion, in bow tie and tails he would swig from a bottle of Moët declaring his love for the high life.  A victim of success and fast living, he died aged only 42.




Printed notices advertising a theatrical event, Playbills were commonly used to promote what was happening at Hoxton Hall and other venues across the country. Listing the event, the acts involved and all the key details, playbills have evolved into what we now know as programmes handed out at events. To announce what visitors can expect at Hoxton Hall we created a series of modern mash up playbills that fuse musical hall lingo with modern phrases. The combination is a stunning piece of our own impression of music hall history.

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Why say something in a thousand words when a picture speaks volumes. To make navigation easier, we wanted to create original illustrations to help our audiences find what they are looking for. Keen to keep the historical and modern mash-up, our design team has fused elements from our past with the modern day to great affect.

Gramophone Decks


What better way is there to express the merits of music across different decades – if only we knew how to make this invention work in real life!


Intrepid Explorer


Exploring the history of Hoxton Hall is something we want everyone to share in. It’s not a tired, boring history lesson, instead we bring it to life through different creative events and activities.


Forecasting the Future


A comical caricature of the trials and tribulations of corporate events. If only Fortune Tellers were as common in board meetings as they were in Music Halls, predicting business success would be so much easier!

Our new Hoxton Hall logo is a mash-up of modern font styling with classic musical hall architecture. The bespoke font combines curvature of modern fonts with ornate patterns overlaid to reference the striking columns inside Hoxton Hall. Used across all of our products, the logo also feature in blocked magenta for Hoxton Works and as a street sign for our acting agency Hoxton Street Management.



Hoxton Street Management


Hoxton Hall collaborated with leading arts marketing consultancy West Creative to create a new brand strategy and creative identity to celebrate the restoration of Hoxton Hall. The team at West Creative were really keen to find a way to use our history and create a modern context which had a Hoxton edge.

James West
A leading arts marketing specialist, James led on brand strategy and concept development, working closely with the team at Hoxton Hall to ensure our new identity engaged effectively to develop and grow our audiences.

Richard Waterhouse
A design specialist, Richard brought incredible ability to articulate the brand concept across digital and print. Previous clients include Warner Brothers, the Government Office for London and London 2012 Olympics to name drop just a few.

Matthew R Frame
A well established and highly respected illustrator, Matthew has built up a reputation for creating hand drawn imagery and analogue techniques that inform inform his design outlook and underpin his distinctive approach to illustration.