Female Parts: Shorts

Tuesday 13 March – Saturday 31 March 2018 | 19:30

Hoxton Hall presents Female Parts: The Shorts; three short monologues that explore what it is to be a wife, mother and immigrant. These three confessional plays will have you laughing-out-loud, in tears and soul searching at the same time. Join us for an intimate unique experience as we delve into the challenges and preconceptions that women face.


A Woman Alone

A hilarious tragic farce about a housewife imprisoned in her own home by her ‘loving’ husband who incessantly calls her throughout the day to check on her. With no company except that of her injured hand wondering brother-in-law,  she begins to make friends with the next door neighbour.

As she talks to her neighbour through the window, she suddenly comes to realisation her life isn’t as perfect as she thought, and that ‘loving’ husband of hers is a pig like the rest of them.

Written by Franca Rame and Dario Fo translation by Gillian Hanna and directed by Hoxton Hall’s Artistic Director Karena Johnson, A Woman Alone is a comedy that makes serious commentary on freedom, misogyny and power.

The Immigrant

The Immigrant follows Ama, a highly accomplished Caribbean woman and space pioneer in her field. Instead of being praised as a role model she is portrayed as ruthless career woman who abandoned her child in order to pursue her career goals.

Written by Oneness Sankara, commission and produced by Hoxton Hall’s Artistic Director, Karena Johnson, The Immigrant explores the guilt of a working mother amplified by distance. As she ponders the emotional cost of her choices and the judgement she faces from outsiders.

A Mother

Imagine you’re at home, after a long day at work, having dinner, mindlessly watching TV. As your eyes glaze over you hear a voice from the newsreader saying “terrorist captured”, and the photo of the ruthless criminal flashes across your screen. Your heart suddenly stops as you realise that you know that ruthless criminal on your screen. Not only do you know him, he is your family member… even worse he’s your son!

Written by Franca Rame and Dario Fo translation by Ed Emery and directed by Hoxton Hall’s Artistic Director Karena Johnson, A Mother tells the story of woman who discovers her son is a terrorist by seeing him on the news. As she watches the news she contemplates her part in his fate – Where did she go wrong in raising him?

Age restriction: 14+

Please note all three productions take place in different areas in the venue.

This season has been made possible by the generous support of Arts Council England, Foyle Foundation, Garfield Weston Foundation, Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation , Girls Guild for Good Life and Noel Coward foundation.

A Woman Alone

Written by Franca Rame and Dario Fo. Translation by Gillian Hanna

Starring Gehane Strehler

The Immigrant 

Written by Oneness Sankara

Starring Clare Perkins

A Mother 

Written by Franca Rame and Daria Fo. Translation by Ed Emery.

Starring Rebecca Saire

Directed by Karena Johnson 

Design by Libby Watson 

Lighting Design by Sherry Coenen

Crèche service: Saturday 24 March, 14:30 performance.

The crèche service is free and can be booked when you book your tickets.

Post-Show Talk with Karena Johnson: Wednesday 28 March, after 19:30 performance.

The post-show talk free, please remain in your seats following this performance.