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Dear Hoxton Hall parents and guardians,

Please see this link to sign up for our Autumn term of fun activities.

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We will send you your confirmation by Thursday this week. Term starts back next Monday, on the 4th of September

Sessions are Monday – Thursday 4pm – 6pm.

Girls Group

Tuesdays 4:30pm to 6pm 10-14 years

A friendly space to chat, relax, make new friends, and develop confidence. Through group chats, art, and drama games, we will explore themes of identity, healthy relationships, and positive role models. To inspire, empower and celebrate.

Young Dance 

Mondays 7-10 years 4pm-5pm & 11-16 years 5pm-6pm

A fun dance class learning different expressive dance moves, dance routines and games.


Wednesdays 7-14 years 4pm-5pm

Fun art activities including painting, collage, drawing or clay. We encourage fun through art and working together.

Young Drama 

Thursdays 7-10 years 4pm-5pm & 11-16 years 5pm-6pm

Playing characters, making up stories, learning to have confidence on stage through all creating a short play.

You are invited to apply and join our Young Leaders Team😊 Wednesdays in term time at 5pm

Young Leaders is for 13–17-year-olds who are interested to creating their own youth and community events,  to be young advisors and part of the team at Hoxton Hall.This is a great opportunity for the young people to share ideas, develop confidence and learn skills in teamwork and project management. Click here to sign up to Young Leaders

 For more information email youtharts@hoxtonhall.co.uk

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Here is a short film giving you a taste of our Youth Arts Department’s work with young people, aged 13-19 years old. ‘Sound Out’ is a music, dance and spoken word event run twice a year at Hoxton Hall and during the summer in Hoxton Gardens.

If you are 13-19 years old and would like to find out more being part of the organisational team for Sound Out join ‘Young Leaders’

Hoxton Hall’s mission is to address inequality of opportunity for children and young people in the arts through engaging the diverse Hoxton communities and wider public with the performing arts through delivering creative activities that are accessible, fun and a high-quality experience for participants.

Hoxton Hall participation department has a substantial buy-in and trust from beneficiaries and the spread of participation work continues to evolve. Working with a range of young people. Hoxton Hall’s long history in the area is a key strength of the organisation and this strategy aims to build on this by expanding the offer and developing the work of the department more closely to match the ambition of the professional artistic programme.

The department strives to train artist of the future with a professional development programme for its older participants. Allowing new opportunities that will be developed for careers in all art fields including technical theatre, being housed in Hoxton Hall allows for exposure to the professional world and beyond.

The current participants are 80% BAME and largely local. A key part of the strategy of widening the offer is to create a bridge from participation to emerging artist and beyond is the long-term aim. This objective complements the key benefits of the participatory work, which is engaged with building confidence, increasing social agency, progression routes to employment outside the arts and further education.

Hoxton Hall’s location in an area of rapid gentrification is focused on breaking down barriers and enabling participants greater access to the benefits of the growth in the area.



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