James Phelan – Trickster

Friday 17 November | 19:30


James Phelan presents a night of lighthearted, prank focused magic: utilising audience participation to comic effect. Described by The Radio Times as having ‘a cheeky charm’ the show is presented through this personality and is both jaw-dropping and laugh-out-loud funny.

Nephew of the late Paul Daniels, James has been storming it online in the last twelve months whilst gaining a lot of traction in the national press (links attached). Gaining almost 200,000 social media followers of his own, his videos have average of around 400,000 views.

Having toured as part of a troupe in 2016, James brings you his brand new own one-man show, Trickster!

‘Without a doubt, one of the most exciting new acts of the year’ The Princess Trust
‘He was extraordinary.’ Amanda Holden
‘This guy is a legend.’ The Sun Newspaper
‘You’re a charmer, and a very funny dude.’ Jimmy Osmond
You are really good, that was incredible. Maybe magic exists.’ Simon Cowell

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

‘The best thing I’ve seen all year.’ James’ Mother