Ms Paolini’s Phantasmagoria Cabaret

Saturday 25 November | 20:00

Ms Paolini’s Phantasmagoria Cabaret is an unashamed celebration of theatre and comedy, which examines the issue of flitting between the real and inauthentic self.  Questions are asked of the id, the ego and the super-ego. Such as ‘Being wrong is right?’, ‘Being racist is wrong’ and ‘Urinating in the street is wrong, no?’….

Patrizia Paolini and the three gorgeous girls of Jesus Paolini Park, plus guest artists of remarkable caliber make Phantasmagoria cabaret a highly engaging and original experience, in their third appearance at Hoxton Hall.

★ ★ ★ ★

‘The variety in this show is impressive… excellent and bold performances.’ The Reviews Hub

Images by Daniele De Paola

Ms Paolini’s Phantasmagoria Cabaret on Saturday 25 November will feature the following fabulous guests:

Yokolele ‘All Yoko, all lele’

Candy Gigi

Candy Gigi is a comedienne, actress and singer.  Her force-of-nature performance is as close to a mental health case study as you could get, raging incomprehensibly and acting (apparently) uncontrollably. A burst of insanity blasted onto the stage. Gigi has been doing her outrageous, almost unreviewable shows for a few years and is the winner of the 2014 Malcolm Hardee award for comic originality at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe, and a finalist in the NATY’s in 2014.

Julian Fox

Julian Fox’s odd electro pop songs, championed by Jarvis Cocker on BBC 6music, get people excited about airports, lidos and multi-national coffee chains.

‘My kind of musical marginalia.’ Adam Buxton

Norman Lovett

Norman Lovett – a stand-up comedian who can act a bit (as he defines himself), is best known for the role of ‘Holly’, the ship’s computer in the BBC hit sitcom Red Dwarf.

Norman had his own BBC2 sitcom, I Lovett, and he also appeared in Bill Bailey’s sketch show Is It Bill Bailey?, as well as Dr Lovett in the much loved sitcom Asylum.

Uran Apak

Uran Apak is an eclectic artist who uses vocal improvisation and audiovisual elements to create extraordinary performances. He is also the creator of Voice DNA workshop which helps people find the power and joy of their voice.