A Collection of Small Choices

A Collection of Small Choices is a unique visitor experience, commissioned to celebrate the restoration of Hoxton Hall. Discover the hidden secrets of our building. Nose around in our past, but keep one eye on the present. Mischievous and ghostly by turns, this is not a heritage tour as you know it…

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Challenging conceptions of what a heritage tour can be, A Collection of Small Choices is a pioneering artistic experience for visitors to Hoxton Hall.

This immersive audio journey sets visitors a unique challenge: find your way around Hoxton Hall, (mis)guided by unruly characters inspired by the Hall’s archives. Witness the 150 year old building track your presence. Encounter sound clattering down the stairs to trip you up, and light leaking from the cupboards in greeting.

A spirited journey for one person at a time, the SmallChoices App transforms your smartphone, iPod or tablet into a key for a hidden doorway. Unlock an off-kilter world that trips the switch of your memory, and tempts you to imagine things in a new light. Can you successfully navigate the righteous path? Will you be led astray? Can you discover the wooden harmonica hidden for years beneath the floorboards, or the letters in green ink that dodged WWII doodlebugs?

Mischievous and ghostly by turns, this is not a heritage tour as you know it…

Take the first step. Grasp history in the palm of your hand.

FREE to enjoy, the journey takes approximately 1 hour, depending on your pace and navigational flair.

What You Need

You’ll need:

  • a smartphone, ipod or tablet
  • headphones
  • a spirit of adventure

N.B. SmallChoices is available for iOS and compatible android devices only.  Don’t worry though – if your device turns out not to be compatible, you can borrow one that has been optimised for the journey from Hoxton Hall’s reception. You can also borrow equipment if you don’t own a suitable device or headphones.

Before You Arrive

Book a timeslot via Hoxton Hall’s box office by calling 0207 684 0060, or online here

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Test the sound file by plugging your headphones into your device and playing the test sound file on the home screen.


There are two journeys available depending on your access requirements. When you have downloaded the App, you can choose the journey option that best suits you. Please contact our box office staff if you would like to discuss any specific access requirements.

If you plan to visit in a group, an alternative taster version of Small Choices is available. Please ask Box Office about this when booking.

Hoxton Hall commissioned Hannah Bruce & Company to create an original visitor experience to explore the history of the building over 150 years. The commission celebrates the restoration of our amazing Victorian Music Hall.

Hannah Bruce & Company

A team of artists directed by Hannah Bruce, working with media such as sound, architecture, technology and light. They create bespoke immersive and atmospheric experiences which encourage visitors to engage specifically with unique places, in order to inspire emotional human connections with bricks and mortar.

The company is fast becoming an emerging force in the performance world, and recent work has received recognition from various significant sources including runner up prize for ‘Title Pending’, Northern Stage’s award for New Theatre 2012, and shortlisting for the coveted Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award 2013. The company have featured in a minifestival of innovative theatre co-produced by The Barbican, CREATE and Shoreditch Town Hall in London. In 2014 the company were commissioned by West Yorkshire Playhouse as part of the Transform14 Festival. Support from Arts Council England through two Grants for the Arts awards (2012 and 2014), along with an Artist’s International Development Fund grant in 2014, have helped develop this work.

The team for the Hoxton Hall Experience: A Collection of Small Coicehs;

Hannah Bruce Director and Producer
Theo Burt App Developer
Jonathan Eato Composer and Sound Designer
Helen Longworth Actor
Dave Malham Hardware Designer
Matthew Morrison Script writer
Vineeta Rishi Actor
Peter Worth App Developer
West Creative App Artwork Design


In Hannah Bruce’s fantastic creation… characters tell their stories and memories stirred from 150 years of rich social engagement that the place has witnessed and been part of. It is hard to categorise the work that she has created – a sort of sound psycho-journey.

The evocation of space created between the cans is amazing – footsteps approach from behind, doors creak confusing visual reality with the world pumped into your ears.’
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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Hackney Gazette
David Winskill  (November 2015)


The tour was remarkable. The most spectacular parts for me were when the 3D sound effects were used. It increased my heartbeat and literally made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.’ 

Audience Member
A Collection of Small Choices, Hoxton Hall
(November 2015)


You can do a lovely free audio tour experience with amazing binaural sound.’ 

Jo Caird
Freelance arts and travel journalist
(Twitter, December 2015)


Magical intimate and for me a quietly emotional experience was @HannahBruceCo #SmallChoices @HoxtonHall now showing. Highly recommend!

Mark Esaias
Actor / Puppeteer
(Twitter,  November 2015)


‘Go and see Small Choices @HoxtonHall by @HannahBruceCo It is an hour very well spent. Unexpected adventure.’

Rebecca Dawson
(Twitter, November 2015)