The Arab Quarterly

Sunday 24 September | 19:00

The Arab Quarterly is London’s long standing Arabic live music and dance stage show.  This will be the fourth appearance of The Arab Quarterly at Hoxton Hall.

Come and enjoy the passionate playing of London’s prestigious and authentic professional Arab Quarter Band, and an amazing line up of talented belly dancers!

The event focuses on artistic and soulful renderings of much loved Arabian songs and graceful, elegant belly dance. The audience get to boogie in both halves of the program creating a fun, inclusive and richly diverse night out. The highlight of the evening will be the stunning professional guest dancers from Italy, Laura Cergniliaro and Daniela Belluati!

Get a group together, bring your friends and come and enjoy The Arab Quarterly at Hoxton Hall. This warm-hearted, informal and fun event is just perfect for a relaxing Sunday social!