Youth Arts: City Leaders Programme

September 10, 2019

Over the past year, Hoxton Hall Youth Arts Team have facilitated the London Youth, City Leaders Programme. 12 young people aged 14-21 years took part in the programme learning skills in leadership, team work and project management.

In the final part of the programme the City Leaders came up with a fantastic idea to organise and run a Youth Arts Community Fest in Hoxton Gardens.

Young musicians were invited from across the city to perform their music, connect with the community and meet other young people with similar interests.

Here is a short summary about the project, written by two of our City Leaders.



Each week, the City Leaders members gathered together to create a plan for hosting a community event. The planning took 12 weeks with each week we were being provided with suggestions from City Leaders that would engage the community. We also made sure to make decisions as a team such as the transporting of equipment and food that we  bought for the event. Another part of our planning was to create a health and safety procedure to ensure the safety of our community as well as our members.


YA Community Fest was a major success. Many people joined us to celebrate the diversity of different artists including the Mayor of Hackney  who praised us for our hard work. People in the local Saturday market, stopped their day to day activities to be part of the amazing ambiance that filled Hoxton. During the day, activities consisted of workshops such as henna, dance and to round off the day,  there was a spectacular dance performance from the young children who attend Hoxton Hall.


City Leaders managed to promote the event using social media (Instagram). This was such an advantage to us, as were able to inform other people, who may not know about our programme.  We also managed to get a hold of flyers to physically reach out to our community and tell them a bit more about it. This helped to pass on the message to several people as well as our members gaining confidence by reaching out and engaging with their local community.

Written by Hoxton Hall City Leaders Tuhan and Nasrine

August 2019


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