‘We went into Hoxton Hall basically to rob the gaff, you know what I mean?’

Cavan Clerkin

Actor Cavan Clerkin attended Hoxton Hall as a young person in the 1970’s. It turns out he didn’t ‘rob the gaff’ but became engaged in the activities on offer and would eventually sneak back into the venue to  make films. Hoxton Hall has a history of providing much needed services and opportunities to local young people, particularly those who are from low income households. In the later half of the twentieth century, for example, The Bedford Institute were strong advocates for youth work, with trained staff delivering activities ‘for creativity, play and sheer happiness’.

Activities for young people have formed a core part of Hoxton Hall’s programming since the 19th century. Reaching out to young people and creating a nurturing and creative space has allowed the hall to give local young people access to skills, knowledge and tools of self-expression.

The archive contains evidence of these activities through mediums including project reports, publications, photographs, and audio-visual materials. These materials document the contemporary climate for youth work, the value of schemes and activities facilitated by Hoxton Hall, and what was programmed during the different periods of ownership at Hoxton Hall.

Hoxton Hall has a fully catalogued archive collection based at Hackney Archives in Dalston Library. This archive is accessible to the public during opening hours, with trained staff on hand to help. For how to get there and opening times please see here.

We also have a fully digitised archive available to view by appointment via Hoxton Hall

Discover more about Hoxton Hall’s unique history by downloading the Hoxton Hall Experience app and visiting us. This sensory journey will guide you around the building and immerse you in Hoxton Hall’s past through a combination of digital and live installation.

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Arts based Heritage events and workshops take place throughout the year. Whether it’s taking part in arts and crafts family activities or dancing your socks off at a good old fashioned tea dance our heritage activities offer something for everyone and are designed to excite and engage the local community in the rich and varied history of the hall and its locality. Check out DO and SEE

Hoxton Hall: A short history of Hoxton Hall and its locality

Cload, P. (2008) Hoxton Hall 1983 to 2008 – A Personal History – The launch of Hoxton Hall as a Community Arts Centre

Available for purchase at Hoxton Hall reception